There’s something very special about cocktails. They’re more than just a bit of booze and a splash of juice. They all have an interesting backstory, a tradition they follow and a lasting connection to their place of origin. It’s these ideas of stories, tradition and connection that brought Mix Shake Pour to life.

Staying in for an evening with close friends for delicious homemade cocktails intertwined with tasty food, hilarious conversations, laughter and even a bit of silliness makes for some of the best moments and memories. It’s these kinds of nights that you want to recreate until they become a tradition of their own.

Our cocktail boxes feature everything you need to make crowd-pleasing cocktails for a fun night in. We crafted some of our own organic ingredients to make them lip-smackingly memorable. The recipes are easy to follow so you can get the party started.

We believe a great cocktail has the ability to connect you to a time and place. We hope Mix Shake Pour will bring you to some great times and be a part of some of your most favourite memories with friends.