Espresso Martini


Espresso Martini Cocktail Box. Premium spirits, mixers, ingredients and recipe delivered to your door. Shaker included Makes 15 cocktails.

Everyone’s love affair with cold press coffee has made our Espresso Martini one of the most wanted cocktails. With our friends at Ruben Hills, we crafted a cold press coffee that marries perfectly with the smooth Nosy Be Vanilla Liqueur and KGB Kofe Liqueur.
Flair up your glass with the MSP Coffee Beans for garnish and serve with the MSP Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans for a classy night in.
This cocktail is warming in winter and a smooth sipper in summer.
Makes for a delicious gift for your coffee-obsessed bestie.

Included in the box:
700ml Vodka
750ml MSP Shaker
200ml Nosy Be Vanilla Liqueur
200ml KGB Kofe Liqueur
500ml MSP Wakey Pakey Cold Press Coffee

MSP Coffee Beans
MSP Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans

Recipe card

Creates 15 serves.

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