Gin Southside


Gin Southside Cocktail Box. Premium spirits, mixers, ingredients and recipe delivered to your door. Shaker included Makes 15 cocktails.

Gin is having a major moment right now with no chance of slowing down. We can partly thank the hipsters for its spike in popularity.
But really, it’s one of those sessionable drinks that you’ll just never tire of.
It’s even better when mixed into a classic Southside cocktail with our MSP organic lemon and lime juices plus a splash of MSP Sweet As Sugar Syrup and MSP Muddle me up Brown Sugar for sweetness.
It’s just an easy-drinker all night long. What’s not to love? We love it. You’ll adore it. Your pals will dig it.

Included in the box:
700ml Gin
750ml MSP Shaker
200ml MSP Sweet As Sugar Syrup
350ml MSP Organic Lime Juice
350ml MSP Organic Lemon Juice
15 tbsp MSP Muddle me up Brown Sugar

Recipe card
Creates 15 serves.

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