Margarita Cocktail Box. Premium spirits, mixers, ingredients and recipe delivered to your door. Shaker included Makes 15 cocktails.

This is the sassiest Margarita you’ll ever taste. Best of all, you can tell your friends you made it all by yourself.
This cocktail pack features the perfect sweet and sour flavour combo with the MSP Sweet As Sugar Syrup and MSP Organic Lime Juice ingredients.
Combine it with the MSP Orange you glad we met Triple Sec for an oh-so agreeable blend.
Your secret weapon in this recipe is the MSP special citrus and chilli salt. It gives you a little extra kick with every sip.
Simply shake up and serve so you can get the party started.
Gift to a friend or just gift to yourself so you can bask in all the compliments this cocktail is sure to warrant.

Included in the box:
700ml Tequila
750ml MSP Shaker
200ml MSP Orange you glad we met Triple Sec MSP Sweet As Sugar Syrup
MSP Organic Lime Juice
MSP Citrus/Chilli Salt
Limes to garnish and wet your rim
Recipe card
Creates 15 serves.

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