Vodka Southside


Vodka Southside Cocktail Box. Premium spirits, mixers, ingredients and recipe delivered to your door. Shaker included Makes 15 cocktails.

The Southside is where it is at. It’s sophisticated, it’s classy. It’s everything you could want it to be but in the shape of a cocktail.

This Vodka cocktail pack features the MSP Muddle me up Brown Sugar and MSP Sweet As Sugar Syrup for the perfect hint of sweetness.
It also includes the MSP organic lemon and lime juices so you can be sure that you’re serving up the very best ingredients to your guests.
Garnish with fresh mint leaves and you’re set to impress.
Sip at home on summer nights or enjoy as a winter party-starting aperitif.
This lip smacking cocktail will have them Northside folks jealous. Why not just spread the love and gift them a Box?

Included in the box:
700ml Vodka
750ml MPS Shaker
200ml MSP Sweet As Sugar Syrup

350ml MSP Organic Lime Juice
350ml MSP Organic Lemon Juice
15 tsp MSP Muddle me up Brown Sugar

Recipe card
Creates 15 serves.

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